Powering a Net Zero Future

Change is good...

Changing the way decision makers view Solar PV, by switching their thought process from merely a planning requirement to an integral part of the business value chain is the key to new revenue streams.

A new bold alternative reality beckons, integrated Bifacial Solar PV as a power source with the flexibility of introducing Hydrogen embedded systems in the near future, backed up with fixed price electricity at £0.08p per kWh over the system lifetime 45 years plus the introduction of new revenue streams from BEV charging or Hydrogen filling on site in support the business case.

Truth is power...

Green washing is a play on the term "whitewashing," which means using misleading information to gloss over bad behaviour, unfortunately green washing (REGO Certificates and Offsetting) is an accepted practice operated by corporate and publicly funded entities who can afford embedded generation, but choose not to. 

Whilst there is no wrongdoing in the practice of Paper Renewables, dodging social responsibility may have to be answered with higher carbon taxes and worst-case direct action by Civil Society, hitting bottom lines hard.

Reversing the hierarchy from paper renewables as first resort to last resort, makes a strong case for closing the Net Zero Circle well before 2050 and relieves the grid from the burden of providing more energy by further encouraging large users to go embedded generation.

The power to change...

CrowdHouse Energy (CHE) have recognised excellent opportunities to facilitate the rapid deployment of large-scale MW Energy Transition projects within the built environment, each project replicates the last, albeit with different layout designs the core components are identical this also ensures the continuity and security of main component supply, plus our excellent carbon management approach in support of the supply chain.

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