The Business Case


But here is one that ticks all boxes “NET ZERO”

Taxes and Levies


Currently carbon levies and taxes in the UK are not too expensive for those who are not exempt from CCL standing at  0.00775p/per kWh (April 2021), but that maybe  about to change. 

“Rishi Sunak is examining proposals for a UK-wide carbon tax that could raise billions of pounds while encouraging the drive towards net-zero emissions.

The Chancellor is seeking to replace existing EU carbon-reduction schemes with the new tax when the transition period finishes at the end of this year. Treasury officials are also looking at longer-term proposals to extend the tax to other areas including domestic gas and agriculture, which could raise more than £25 billion by 2030, supporters say.

A Whitehall source said Mr Sunak saw the idea as a way of “raising revenue while cutting emissions”. Another added that the idea was getting “increasing traction” across government”.

“The Times 09/10/2020”

Energy Price and Supply Security


Price Security, you can fix your electricity price over the next 35 years from as little as 5 pence per/kWh, no matter how large a user you are.

Security of Supply, scare tactics from France over Brexit Fishing rights maybe a wakeup call,  Why?

UK base electricity generation is supported by five interconnectors allowing the import and export of electricity between continental Europe, with the UK being a net importer of electricity since 2010, for example in Q2 2020 we imported 4.5TWh. (4,500,000,000kWh)

 “EMMANUEL MACRON confirmed that the EU would launch a devastating energy embargo against the UK if Boris Johnson refuses to give in on fisheries” even wild threats should be taken as a seriously risk factor and mitigated.

“Daily Express 19/10/2020”

Powering change through discussion and policy

New Revenue Streams and Incentive


Commercial & Industrial businesses can gain additional revenues by installing 50kW Rapid EV chargers for customer and staff to top up their electric vehicles.

Local Government and some businesses provide 22kW fast charging as a staff incentive to bolster the businesses “Net Zero” aims.

e.mobility is a key factor to “Net Zero” compliance.

“CHE-Solar Carparking canopies White Paper No3/2019”

Health and Wellbeing


“Impacts of air pollution on health Air pollution continues to have significant impacts on the health of the European population, particularly in urban areas. Europe's most serious pollutants, in terms of harm to human health, are PM, NO2 and ground-level O3

Some population groups are more affected by air pollution than others, because they are more exposed or vulnerable to environmental hazards. Lower socio-economic groups tend to be more exposed to air pollution, while older people, children and those with pre-existing health conditions are more vulnerable. 

Air pollution also has considerable economic impacts, cutting lives short, increasing medical costs and reducing productivity through working days lost across the economy”. 

“EEA Report No 10/2019”